EMT and Paramedic

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EMT and Paramedic both respond to calls during an emergency. It’s required for an ambulance to have at least an EMT to work with the paramedic. They both work with other response teams like firemen, police, and rescue workers to quickly deliver medical assistance. They also work with physicians and surgeons to report their assessment and findings in the field.

EMT is the most basic level of certification in the emergency medical services field. While other states may have other levels, in general emergency services personnel starts with being an EMT. They provide basic life support to patients.

Paramedic is the more advanced level of certification in the emergency services field. It takes several years of experience and training to become a paramedic. They provide advanced life support to patients including medication and injecting shots.

In most cases, there are more EMT than paramedics in practice. When more advanced treatment is needed, paramedics are called to provide advanced airway management, administration of IV, or administering specific drugs.

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