How to Prepare for Your EMT Certification Exam

preparing for exam

Do you remember being a student? Remember hours of studying the night before, preparing for an important exam? You did prepare, right? Some exams don’t need much studying to pass. But unlike those exams, you know the EMT certification exam is the exam that decides whether you are competent enough to enter in the Emergency […]

EMS Equipment and Gear

EMT and paramedics used a lot of EMS equipment and gear. Some EMT equipments can only be used by paramedics but most can be used by all EMS personnel. Portable defibrillator, transport incubators, suctions, and infusion pumps are only some of the common EMS equipments used by EMT and paramedic during an emergency response. There […]

How Long is EMT Training?


How long is EMT training? It depends, it could take from a few weeks to several months or years. EMT training hours vary depending on the course schedule, your availability, and level of certification. There are several levels of EMT namely EMT Basic, EMT Intermediate or Advanced EMT, and Paramedic. Different states call them different […]

EMT National Certification

EMT national certification serves as proof that you’ve completed the education requirements of the NREMT. It’s important if you want to be licensed in most state. It also assures the public and employers that you are competent and skilled to work in the emergency medical services field. It also means you’ve gone through a standard […]

Paramedic Career

Being a paramedic is tough but highly rewarding. A paramedic career may not be for everyone, it’s face paced, intense, and stressful. You need to be calm and collected when making decisions often involving people’s lives. It needs to be fast and accurate at all times. Paramedics are responsible for providing advanced emergency medical care. […]

Paramedic Refresher Course

Paramedic refresher courses are required for your paramedic recertification. It’s part of the recertification requirement by the NREMT to maintain your certification and skills. You must complete 48 hours of approved paramedic refresher course and 24 hours of continuing education in specific subject areas every two years. You’ll need to cover every mandatory topic in: […]

Wilderness EMT Training

Wilderness EMT or WEMT are trained to provide emergency medical care in a backcountry. If you work outdoors like park rangers, Wilderness EMT training is important. When emergencies happen in a remote location, it’s nearly impossible to have an immediate emergency response. Wilderness EMT provide the needed medical emergency care where immediate evacuation is not […]

Tactical EMS Training

Tactical EMS training is designed for law enforcements, military, and special units. You’ll need it if you work in a environment where there’s high risk of life threatening injuries. You can only get this type of training through a tactical emergency training center. And you’ll have to be at least a certified EMT Basic. During […]

EMT Study Guides

Using EMT study guides is a great way to build and review what you’ve learned during EMT training. It’s valuable resource you can use to pass the certification exam. When you have a lot of information to remember like symptoms and treatments, having a study helps in preparing. The questions in the NREMT exam are […]

EMT and Paramedic

EMT and Paramedic both respond to calls during an emergency. It’s required for an ambulance to have at least an EMT to work with the paramedic. They both work with other response teams like firemen, police, and rescue workers to quickly deliver medical assistance. They also work with physicians and surgeons to report their assessment […]

EMT Basic Certification

Getting an EMT Basic certification is an important step in becoming an EMT Basic. You can apply for NREMT certification after you have completed your EMT Basic training. A national certification means you have to knowledge and skills as an EMT Basic. The NREMT certification exam involves psychomotor and cognitive questions about basic emergency medical […]

EMT Continuing Education

EMT continuing education programs are designed to make your certification current. It is a requirement by most states to accrue a certain number of CE credits for renewing EMT certification. Make sure the Continuing Education program is accredited and accepted in your state. Core topics fall into one of the core modules in the National […]

EMT Recertification

You’ll need an EMT recertification when your state requires that you maintain an NREMT certificate. To recertify with the NREMT, you’ll need to be actively working as an EMT. You’ll also need to complete a 24 hours of refresher course and 48 hours of continuing education. Another option is to take the NREMT recertification exam […]

EMT Refresher Course

EMT refresher courses is needed to renew your EMT license or certification. You’ll be updated on policy and protocol changes. You’ll get to review what you’ve learn and refresh the information. You must take the EMT refresher course long before you renew your certification. This will avoid any unnecessary delays in renewing your license. When […]

Online EMT Training

Online EMT courses gives you the option to learn the lectures online instead of going to a classroom. You must still take the practical training at a medical facility or community college. You should still check if the online EMT training is accredited before you enroll. It should also meet the national standard and follow […]

Becoming a Paramedic

Becoming a paramedic takes time. You can’t become a paramedic if you haven’t become an EMT first. Although every state has its own guidelines and qualifications to becoming a paramedic, paramedic training stills takes a couple of years to complete. The road to becoming a paramedic starts with EMT training. It’s where every emergency medical […]

How to Get an EMT License

Getting an EMT license involves trainings, exams, and applications. You’ll need to qualify for EMT training, pass written and practical exams, and apply for your state license. This can take from several months to years depending on your level. The Levels are EMT Basic, EMT Intermediate, and Paramedic. The name can vary from one state […]

EMT Qualifications

EMT qualifications can vary from state to state. But there are general qualifications you need to have to become an EMT. Some of them are physical and emotional strength, education, and attitude. EMT requires should be able to carry or lift heavy objects. These could be various medical equipments and patients. You should be in […]

EMT Job Description

EMTs and Paramedics provide emergency medical care to sick or injured and transport them to the hospital if necessary. During an emergency, 911 operators dispatch EMTs and Paramedics to the scene. They often work with other responders like fire fighters and police. At the scene, they asses the patient’s condition and medical history. They provide […]

EMT Schools, Programs, and Courses

EMT schools provide EMT training through EMT programs and courses. An EMT school can be a community college, university, or a private educational institution. They provide courses in pre-hospital care for EMT, Paramedic, First Responder, CPR, Basic Life Support, Advanced Life Support, and other courses for primary and continuing education of EMS personnel. EMT programs […]