Becoming a Paramedic

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Becoming a paramedic takes time. You can’t become a paramedic if you haven’t become an EMT first. Although every state has its own guidelines and qualifications to becoming a paramedic, paramedic training stills takes a couple of years to complete.

The road to becoming a paramedic starts with EMT training. It’s where every emergency medical services personnel starts and only takes several months to complete. After you’ve graduated, you’ll need a state license to work as an EMT Basic.

After a year of working, you’ll have the experience of an EMS personnel. Working in an ambulance is better in preparing you to become a paramedic.

In addition to paramedic training, you’ll also need to take other classes like anatomy and physiology, algebra, and electrocardiography. It’s better to get recommendations from other paramedics to find a good paramedic training program. Paramedic courses can cost up to $10,000 depending on where you live.

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