How to Get an EMT License

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Getting an EMT license involves trainings, exams, and applications. You’ll need to qualify for EMT training, pass written and practical exams, and apply for your state license. This can take from several months to years depending on your level.

The Levels are EMT Basic, EMT Intermediate, and Paramedic. The name can vary from one state to another and they can have other levels as well. Having the needed EMT qualification is important if you want to become an EMT.

Training programs are available in community colleges, vocational schools, and your local fire department. The higher the EMT level you want to attain the longer the EMT training takes.

License or Certificate

Getting licensed is required be the state which you wish to work. It’s basically a license to practice in that state. Some states don’t require EMTs to be nationally certified while others do. EMT certification is given by the National Registry for EMT after you’ve passed their certification exam.

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