Tactical EMS Training

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Tactical EMS training is designed for law enforcements, military, and special units. You’ll need it if you work in a environment where there’s high risk of life threatening injuries. You can only get this type of training through a tactical emergency training center. And you’ll have to be at least a certified EMT Basic.

During a tactical EMS training, you’ll learn how to respond to medical emergency situations on a high risk environment. Unlike standard emergency calls, these are situations where there’s combat. Those who completed the training will be working with SWAts, special forces, and other military units on their missions.

You’ll be taught basic self-defense, how to rescue officers, and how to support a special response team. The tactical EMS training could take a few weeks to finish. Both hands-on and classroom training will be conducted. The hands-on training will be intensive and one of the reasons it can’t be taken online.

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