EMT Job Description

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EMTs and Paramedics provide emergency medical care to sick or injured and transport them to the hospital if necessary.

During an emergency, 911 operators dispatch EMTs and Paramedics to the scene. They often work with other responders like fire fighters and police. At the scene, they asses the patient’s condition and medical history. They provide emergency care and follows procedure for transporting the patient to the nearest medical facility. At the medical facility, they help transfer the patient to the emergency department and give reports to the staff.

They also transport medical patients from one facility to another. Some patients need specialized treatment for their injury and long term care.

They use special equipments like backboards, AED, and other medical equipments. They often work in teams with someone driving and another monitoring the patient’s condition while on transit.

After each run, they clean, restock, and replaces their supplies. They also maintain the ambulance. Keeps it clean and in order.

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