EMT National Certification

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EMT national certification serves as proof that you’ve completed the education requirements of the NREMT. It’s important if you want to be licensed in most state. It also assures the public and employers that you are competent and skilled to work in the emergency medical services field.

It also means you’ve gone through a standard EMT training. And that you’ve passed a valid and uniform process of examination of your knowledge and skills. And you can use those skill and knowledge professionally anywhere in the nation.

EMT national certification also means that it’s easy to work with other EMS personnels anywhere in the nation.

Getting the EMT national certification includes completing a state approved EMT training course and passing the NREMT written and practical exam. There are more than 270,000 nationally certified EMT in the US and millions of EMS professionals has been certified since the inception of the NREMT. They currently certify EMT Basic, Intermediate, and Paramedic levels used by 46 states in the United States.

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