Paramedic Career

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Being a paramedic is tough but highly rewarding. A paramedic career may not be for everyone, it’s face paced, intense, and stressful. You need to be calm and collected when making decisions often involving people’s lives. It needs to be fast and accurate at all times.

Paramedics are responsible for providing advanced emergency medical care. They respond to people that are involved in accidents, assaults, strokes, and those with serious injuries. Patient care is also provided in the ambulance while the patient is being transported to the hospital.

When they arrive at the scene, they asses the condition of the patient and medical history. They then give emergency medical care following standardized procedure. When the patient is in serious medical condition, specialists give instructions while transporting the patient to the hospital.

A paramedic career is also physically demanding. It involves lifting heavy loads, kneeling, and working in extreme conditions. The job also involves long irregular hours and potential exposure to diseases. However, if helping others is important to you, you may enjoy a challenging and fulfilling paramedic career.

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