EMT Pants

EMT needs a pair of pants that could last. EMT pants are made from durable materials that are meant to last. Most EMT pants are made from polyester and cotton. They are also coated for protection against stains, wrinkles, and fading. The coating also makes the pants waterproof. The color of most EMT pants are […]

EMT and First Responder

First Responders are most basic emergency medical services personnel that can be certified. Some states have it while others start at the EMT Basic level of certification as the most basic EMS provider. EMT and First Responders have the same role in an emergency situation. They assess the situation and provide emergency care to stabilize […]

Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)

An Automatic External Defibrillator or AED is one of the many medical equipments used by emergency medical services professionals. It’s portable, and it can diagnose a cardiac arrhythmias. By applying an electrical shock it can reestablish the heart’s effective rhythm. The Automatic External Defibrillator is simple and easy to use. It contains just a few […]

EMT Practice Test

Having an EMT practice test can greatly help you in passing an EMT certification exam from the National Registry or state. These practice exams are written and updated by EMT and paramedic professionals. The EMT practice test is available in all certification levels from first responder to paramedic. Practice tests can also help you study […]

Paramedic Class – What to Expect

If you’re qualified to take a paramedic class, here are some things you can expect. You’ll learn the basics of being a paramedic and the duties that you must do. You’ll also learn the techniques in administering medication, patient assessment who takes medication, drug terminology, airway management, and more advanced techniques and procedures. You’ll learn […]

First Aid Courses

First aid courses is sometimes required before you can take an EMT training course and different areas have their own other specific requirements. Most of the time though, first aid is included in the course or there’s a separate first aid course just before the EMT training course starts. Even if you have no intention […]

EMT Basic Practice Scenarios

EMT Basic practice scenarios can be a great help in preparing for the EMT-B certification. You are likely to be nervous when your EMT Basic certification is just next week or sooner. Having an idea of what might the exam be reduces your nervousness and anxiety and makes you more relaxed and confident. Practice scenarios […]

Free EMT Training

ambulance for EMT training

If you would like to become an EMT but you lack sufficient money to pay for tuition and enroll in an EMT training course, there are free EMT training offered by various organizations and schools which you can take advantage of. Although there are not many of them, there exist some which offer to help […]

EMT Volunteer Opportunities

EMTs can work either paid or as a volunteer. Although volunteer EMTs are more common in small towns and cities, becoming an EMT volunteer will allow you to gain valuable experience as an EMT and discover many EMT volunteering opportunities. Some Reasons to Become an EMT Volunteer Volunteer EMT is an important job for most […]

Advanced Life Support

Advanced life support is the extension of basic life support using additional skills like advanced airway management, defibrillation, and intravenous access and drug therapy. The same reason why competency in Basic Life Support is a requirement in taking any advanced life support course. Healthcare professional like physicians, nurses, EMTs and paramedics trained in ALS have […]

Basic Life Support

Basic life support or BLS are performed on patients in a life threatening situation until proper medical care can be given. BLS is usually done on the scene outside of the hospital by any BLS strained medical personnel like EMTs and Paramedics. Basic life support can be performed without using any medical equipment. Anyone can […]

The Star of Life

Star of Life

Emergency medical services and its personnel is can be commonly identified with the star of life symbol. The star of life with its blue six pointed star that features at the center the Rod of Asclepius, the ancient symbol for medicine and healing, was originally designed by the NHTSA. Ambulances, equipments, crews, medical personnel, elevators, […]

Emergency Medical Services: What You Need to Know

Emergency medical services or EMS provide out of the hospital medical care either while transporting the patient or at the scene of the emergency. Locally, they can also be know as the emergency squad, rescue squad, ambulance services, and many other names. EMS provides treatment and/or provide transport to an emergency center at a hospital. […]

How to Choose the Right EMT School for You

There are state approved EMT training programs available in many schools, colleges and universities. Choosing the right one for you can give you a some advantage during your training. Without proper training, you can’t get the certification and lessen your chances of becoming an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). You should prepare a list of your […]

How to Become an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

Being an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) or a Paramedic can be very rewarding, after all what can be more great than saving people’s lives. Becoming an EMT can lead to a very fulfilling career in the emergency medical services field. You can also try or test the waters in the medical field by starting as […]

What is an Emergency Medical Technician or EMT?

Emergency medical technician or EMT are health care providers in a pre-hospital setting. They are also called ambulance technicians, which basically means the provide emergency medical care to patients being transported to the hospital for higher medical treatment. They also provide emergency medical care on the scene when an accident or when there’s an emergency […]