EMT and First Responder

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First Responders are most basic emergency medical services personnel that can be certified. Some states have it while others start at the EMT Basic level of certification as the most basic EMS provider.

EMT and First Responders have the same role in an emergency situation. They assess the situation and provide emergency care to stabilize the patient’s condition until further treatment can be given.

First Responders need to complete 40+ hours of training while EMT Basic needs more than 120 hours of EMT training. The areas included in the curriculum includes CPR, bleeding control, stabilizing fracture, childbirth, administering oxygen, and more. They also need to take the state certification or NREMT exam to get certified.

Most first responders are employed as part of the first response team in an industrial setting. Some are volunteers in their local community.

EMT compared to First Responders has more knowledge and training. EMTs can also work in an ambulance to transport the patient to the hospital.

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