EMT Refresher Course

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EMT refresher courses is needed to renew your EMT license or certification. You’ll be updated on policy and protocol changes. You’ll get to review what you’ve learn and refresh the information.

You must take the EMT refresher course long before you renew your certification. This will avoid any unnecessary delays in renewing your license.

When you fail to renew your certification/license, you won’t be allowed to work or volunteer as an EMT. You’ll have to wait until you renew.

Refresher courses are ongoing and you can take one as early as 10 months before your EMT card expires. There are also EMT refresher courses online which you can take at your convenience.

It is part of being an EMT to take refresher courses. It’s not only for renewing certification but also for gaining new knowledge and skills. This help advance the emergency medical services field in providing emergency medical care.

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