EMT Jobs

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You need an to a licensed EMT who passed EMT training and the certification process to get an EMT job. EMT jobs are predicted to be good and are expected to rise above average than any other occupation in the next several years. This is mainly due to growing population, the growing number of aging baby boomer generation, and replacing unpaid volunteers.

Finding EMT jobs in cities like New York and private ambulance services should be good. There is also continued demand for volunteers, part-time EMTs and paramedic in small and rural areas. Competition for EMT jobs will be greater for local government like fire and police and other emergency services that have greater pay and benefit than other private emergency medical services.

Small cities, towns and rural areas commonly employ volunteer EMT and paramedic for fire departments, hospitals, or emergency medical services that respond to only a few calls each month. Metropolitan areas are where career EMT and paramedics are found. Most paid EMTs are employed by ambulance services and the remaining are employed by the local government and hospitals.

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EMT Job Description

EMT and paramedics are responsible for giving emergency medical care to patients who suffered strokes, vehicular accidents, violent assaults, and other serious injuries. Emergency medical technician are need to have quick reaction and able to give professional and specialized care to patients performed while transporting the patient to the hospital.

EMTs and paramedic usually work in teams with one driving and the other takes care of the patient secured in the ambulance. Some situation require the EMT to work as part of a helicopter crew when the patient needs to be rushed to the hospital and quick medical attention is required.

Paramedic Positions

To hold higher positions in the emergency services field, you need to be a certified paramedic. Higher positions in emergency services offered to paramedics include:

  • Supervisors
  • Operations Manager
  • Executive Director

Others become instructors, dispatchers, and physician assistants while some ventured to sales and marketing of emergency medical equipments. Some registered nurse, doctors, and other health workers became EMT’s to find out if they have what it takes to work in the medical field before becoming registered nurse, doctor, and other health worker. This is what other EMT’s and paramedic in who had EMT jobs has done to test their compatibility with the field.

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