EMT Training in Massachusetts (MA)

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Becoming an EMT and getting an EMT training in Massachusetts can be one of the best decisions you can make. Massachusetts is the most populous state among the six New England states and the third most populated in the US. As you may have already know, there is a great demand for EMTs and Paramedic in metropolitan areas like Boston and Springfield where most of the population lives. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Massachusetts metropolitan area belongs to the top ten with the highest employment level in EMTs and Paramedic. Massachusetts’s EMTs and Paramedics also earn slightly higher than in other states.

Unlike most states in the US who uses the NREMT certification exam, Massachusetts handles their own licensure and certification of EMTs and Paramedics and is regulated by the Office of Emergency Medical Services.

EMT Training Requirements in Massachusetts

At the very least you need to:

  • be able to read, understand and communicate in English
  • be at least 18 years old
  • be free from addiction to alcohol and drug
  • be able to carry and lift 125 lbs

Aside from that, you also need to be in good physical and mental health to better handle stress. You might also need to prepare your High School diploma or GED, driver’s license, your 6th reading comprehension, and immunizations from TB and MMR. You should also have a general understanding of first aid and can handle stressful situation accompanied by the job. And naturally have the desire to help people in medical emergencies. It is also better if you have no prior criminal conviction to avoid delay or your application getting denied.

EMT Training Schools in Massachusetts

There are more that 60 accredited EMT training schools in Massachusetts. You must make sure that the training you attend to is accredited by Massachusetts Office of Emergency Medical Services. You can visit this link for a complete list of accredited EMT training schools in Massachusetts and nearby states.

Most of the schools provide Basic EMT training only while others have EMT Intermediate and Paramedic training courses as well. Boston and Southeastern Massachusetts has the most number of EMT schools so you wouldn’t find it hard finding one that suits your needs if you’re near this area. The list also contains some EMT training schools outside of the state accredited by Massachusetts OEMS in nearby states like New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

Some of the EMT training schools in Massachusetts are:

The EMT training in Massachusetts is taught using a combination of lectures, demonstrations and practice. The EMT training will take approximately 110 to 150 hours or more of classroom and field training. The curriculum follows the guidelines set by the Federal Department of Transportation and the EMT coordinator and instructors are approved by the state.

You can expect the EMT training to cost you from $800 to $1000 maybe more. Other cost which may or may not be included in the tuition fee include the State of Massachusetts Registration Fee ($150.00), Practical Examination Fee ($150.00), and Written Exam Fee ($55.00).

Becoming a Certified EMT in Massachusetts

After completing the EMT training course in Massachusetts with 100% attendance, you will be eligible to take the state of Massachusetts EMT certification exam. The certification will be good for two years and you will need to take the EMT recertification after that. You will need to complete 28 hours of approved continuing education and a 24 hour refresher course to recertify.

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