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How to Prepare for Your EMT Certification Exam

preparing for exam

Do you remember being a student? Remember hours of studying the night before, preparing for an important exam? You did prepare, right?

preparing for exam

You should prepare too!

Some exams don’t need much studying to pass. But unlike those exams, you know the EMT certification exam is the exam that decides whether you are competent enough to enter in the Emergency Medical Services field or take another try, don’t you? Not all can pass, only those who take time to study and learn their materials well during their EMT training and prepare until the scheduled exam gets the NREMT national certification. And you obviously know you need the certification to get a state license.

According to statistics, only 66% to 71% of EMT students pass the NREMT certification exam on their first attempt. To be successful you need a solid foundation of skills and knowledge.

Preparation for your EMT certification exam should start…

At Class

Class time is one of the most suitable places to learn. Why? Because you can take notes and absorb as much information as you can during class. You can turn your notes into your study guide. And creating your own study guide would be much more useful by jotting down relevant information yourself.

Organize your notes so it’s easy to read. And review your notes daily so your mind can easily absorb the material. It’s also good to participate actively in class. Join the questions and answer periods. And always come to class prepared and ready to learn.

If you did good in class, you’ll be confident and will probably only need a few study sessions for your EMT certification exam.

Preparing for Your EMT Certification Exam

First, you’ll need to break down the areas you need to cover. Find your weakest and strongest subjects and create a plan. You should start as early as possible to fit your studying in your schedule. Especially if you have a tight daily schedule. Start months or at least weeks before your scheduled exam so you can cover as much material as possible and adjust your schedule as needed.

You can use different study materials and methods. Many publishers have study guides with sample questions, study tips, and other useful test taking advice. Use your study guide fully. Why? Using study guides, you’ll be able to study on your own pace.

Another useful study tool is using test preparations services with a massive collection of EMT practice tests. They can be expensive. But you probably already know they could also be worth it if you want to raise your percentage of passing. Think about making use of the same type of EMT practice test that you can expect during the actual exam.

When answering…

EMT Practice Test Questions

Try to answer as much question as you can so you can be better prepared for each type of question. It’s important to do practice exams seriously. Reason? You’ll find the areas where you need to prepare more by answering more questions. You can easily find your weak area and change your schedule so you can spend more time on that area.

Practice sample EMT exams daily to help you get more comfortable with the format. After completing several practice tests. Look for items that you missed. Understand why you answered incorrectly so you’ll be able to interpret the question correctly next time.

You should study daily except on the night before the actual exam. Why? To allow your brain to rest and recover. This way, you’ll be refreshed and clear headed on your EMT certification exam the next day.

On the Day of Your Scheduled Exam

Remember to eat a healthy meal before the exam. Don’t take too much caffeine or sugar. Leave your house early so you have plenty of time to spare and you’ll avoid additional stress for running late.

Try to be fresh and rested as much as possible when you begin the exam. As you sit there, do your best to focus and relax before you begin.

The EMT certification is a necessary step if you want to become a licenced EMT. By knowing this information and following these exam preparation tips, the test will become less intimidating. Are you ready to pass your NREMT certification or re-certification exam?