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Free EMT Training

ambulance for EMT training

If you would like to become an EMT but you lack sufficient money to pay for tuition and enroll in an EMT training course, there are free EMT training offered by various organizations and schools which you can take advantage of. Although there are not many of them, there exist some which offer to help those economically disadvantaged and whose level of education is not enough for college admission and productive careers in the EMS field.

ambulance for EMT training

Free EMT training are EMT training that has no tuition fees and you don’t have to pay for the training. The course is funded by businesses, foundations, individuals, or by the local and federal government through federal grants. Others will include textbooks and other requirements while others will not. Most free EMT courses are for EMT Basic training only and will prepare you for EMT certification at that level. The class space and capacity is also limited and requirements have to be met. Some require that you have a resident in the state or city the course is offered.

To successfully complete the course you must commit the time and energy required. You need to study well and be fully prepared especially for the certification exams.

Who Offers Free EMT Training

Who does offer free EMT training or where can you get EMT training that cost nothing? A place to start with are:

Volunteer corps or EMT volunteer organizations that offers free EMT training so you can volunteer your time and services for the community. Even local fire departments or rescue squads offer free EMT training to attract volunteers and to increase their staff. You’ll have to serve as a volunteer EMT for one or two years in exchange for the EMT training. By offering free training for EMT volunteers benefits their squad and the community. Some also have paid internship after completion of the course.

Some non-profit organization also offer free EMT training for those that meet their requirements. Some are for women only who don’t have work or in a specific income level. Such organization like the Industrial Council of Nearwest Chicago or ICNC which is funded by a grant from the Eleanor Foundation is a great way get EMT training for free. They even have placement programs to help you find a job. Other non-profit organization work in conjunction with a college to provide free EMT training.

Local State or City University Branches that are fully funded by State Legislature and managed by State University like the Bronx Educational Opportunity Center or Bronx EOC also have free EMT training. You have to meet the basic requirements like literacy skills, income level, personal suitability and other course requirements.

Some companies offer free EMT training as beta testers of their online EMT education program.

The benefits of Free EMT Training

Some other benefits of free EMT training aside from being free is that you’ll be able to work with other EMTs in a pre-hospital setting. If you volunteer to get training, you can start having experience in the field immediately. Others also provide additional certification and depending on the provider even more.

EMT Volunteer Opportunities

EMTs can work either paid or as a volunteer. Although volunteer EMTs are more common in small towns and cities, becoming an EMT volunteer will allow you to gain valuable experience as an EMT and discover many EMT volunteering opportunities.

Some Reasons to Become an EMT Volunteer

Volunteer EMT is an important job for most and there are many reasons for volunteering. A good reason is if you want to advance your career and use EMT volunteering as one of the important steps as others have done. You will gain valuable real life experience as an EMT. Others consider it exciting and fulfilling to give back to their communities.

There are also some other great benefits available to an EMT volunteer. If you want to advance your career, you can have some free classes at some universities. You can also have continuing education courses tuition dollars for your re-certification as an EMT. Also sometimes you’ll work on standby and get free admission to sporting and social events. Be sure to check your local organization for other benefits as it can vary from place to place. You can try the Volunteer EMS site to find one near you.

Becoming a Volunteer EMT

Remember only certified EMTs can work so you must complete an EMT training program either in your community college or somewhere else. Completing the EMT Basic training and becoming an EMT Basic should be enough for you to volunteer.

You then get find where you can volunteer. Contact hospitals, ambulance companies, and the fire department in your area that are looking for volunteer EMTs. You can also use the Volunteer Match site to find one online. Get the requirements, the number of hours and shifts available, and the schedule. Then all you need is fill out the application form of your chosen organization.

After you’ve had enough experience, it will be easier to become a paid EMT or advance in the field of EMS.