EMS Equipment and Gear

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EMT and paramedics used a lot of EMS equipment and gear. Some EMT equipments can only be used by paramedics but most can be used by all EMS personnel. Portable defibrillator, transport incubators, suctions, and infusion pumps are only some of the common EMS equipments used by EMT and paramedic during an emergency response.

There are many more EMS equipment and gear that can be found in an ambulance. And they come in various sizes as well. There are valve masks, splints, portable suctions, blood pressure cups, oxygen kit, head immobilizers, burn sheets, tapes, pen lights, shears, bandages, stethoscopes, gloves, thermometers, and many more.

EMTs use their bag to store essential and most common equipments without the need to leave the patient.

EMS equipments and gears helps EMT and paramedic provide better emergency medical care. Combined with their skills and knowledge, they make a difference in peoples lives.

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