EMT Recertification

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You’ll need an EMT recertification when your state requires that you maintain an NREMT certificate.

To recertify with the NREMT, you’ll need to be actively working as an EMT. You’ll also need to complete a 24 hours of refresher course and 48 hours of continuing education. Another option is to take the NREMT recertification exam instead of the 72 hour continuing education. Your skills must be verified by the training program director. And you’ll have to submit your CPR certification.

When your certificate expire, you’ll have to recertify. Depending on how long the your certification lapsed, you’ll need to take additional continuing education hours. If the lapse is two years or more, you’ll have to return to complete the core EMT training and pass the NREMT certification exam to complete EMT recertification.

EMT recertification varies from each state. The requirements, the expiration length, and the process can also vary. Know your requirements. Some state doesn’t require NREMT recertification. There are hybrid EMT recertification courses which you can take at your own pace.

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