Paramedic Refresher Course

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Paramedic refresher courses are required for your paramedic recertification. It’s part of the recertification requirement by the NREMT to maintain your certification and skills. You must complete 48 hours of approved paramedic refresher course and 24 hours of continuing education in specific subject areas every two years.

You’ll need to cover every mandatory topic in:

  • airway, breathing, and cardiology
  • medical emergencies
  • trauma
  • obstetrics and pediatrics

And there are also topics in the core areas which you’re not required to cover. You can also take refresher courses in ACLS, PALS, other others for additional credits.

You’re allowed to take 10 hours of the required 48 hours of the paramedic refresher course online. The course can cost anywhere starting from $295 to $600.

You’ll still need the signature of your medical director on your recertification form to verify your skills.

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