Wilderness EMT Training

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Wilderness EMT or WEMT are trained to provide emergency medical care in a backcountry. If you work outdoors like park rangers, Wilderness EMT training is important. When emergencies happen in a remote location, it’s nearly impossible to have an immediate emergency response. Wilderness EMT provide the needed medical emergency care where immediate evacuation is not possible.

It’s required that you have a CPR certificate for healthcare providers, proof of immunization, and background check to enroll.

The Wilderness EMT training takes about a month to complete. It involves classroom lectures, practical training, scenarios and mock rescue. You’ll learn how to treat shock, bleeding, sprains, heat exhaustion, hypothermia, burns, and more.

You can take the NREMT certification exam after completing the course. You’ll need to pass the written and practical exam for both the EMT Basic certification and the WEMT certification.

With the skill you acquired during the Wilderness EMT training, you can perform medic duties during expeditions, work with search and rescue teams, commercial vessels, and perform rescue on remote locations.

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